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  • LumiPay Trades is an investment system designed specifically for online investors. Joining any of the packages on our platform is absolutely hassle-free and requires no paperwork. An investment at LumiPay Trades allows you to gain net profit up to 150% in just 100 days with a widely diversified portfolio.

    To make it easier for you and to reduce administrative expenses, we use e-currencies (also referred to as digital currencies or electronic payment systems) in our operations. Thus, you do not need to have a bank account, do not have to incur various hidden fees in order to benefit from investing your funds with us.

    We trade stocks of companies on major indexes and we traditionally place forex, cryptocurrency and options trading in the very top of our investment activities.
    We seek long-term appreciation of our assets through investing in not only financial instruments, but also in real offline projects such as real estate (residential properties) Apart from that, we also invest in other real estate and oil business as we have other operating centers. In terms of inner structure, we are a typical offshore investment company with traders and market researchers working all over the globe.

    • Why LumiPay Trades Investment Plans?
    • Up to 1.6% daily
    • State-of-the-art Security
    • Excellent Customer Service
    • Start earning profit in less than 24 hours

    We do not claim the highest interest rates available online and this has never been our primary aim. What we consider most important is stability, timely payments and flawless service. But doubtless LumiPay Trades (LPT) stands out from most online investment opportunities. Our professional expertise allows us to offer you secure returns on investments. We plan our investment portfolio in order to mitigate the risks inherent in trading. We use various investment strategies and always diversify our investments. Diversification in trading is its most important part which minimizes the risks and generates larger profits.LumiPay Trades (LPT) is key to prosperity and financial stability of private investors on our platform

  • Trading, whether it be securities, company assets options or futures, always involves certain financial risks. To minimize this factor, competent risk analysis is carried out, and the correct allocation of funds is made. Thanks to a wide range of currency pairs, we can maximize the diversification of investment funds, significantly reducing any risks. Our analysts are monitoring the market twenty-four hours a day in order to always be at the forefront of all events. Thus, having all the necessary knowledge and experience, we are able to efficiently benefit from the trading of forex and options, both for the company and for its investors. Due to the successful work and high qualification of employees, LumiPay Trades is constantly evolving. Constant implementation of modern technologies and use of new trading methods allows to increase the company’s productivity. All is done with the purpose of always being among the best of the best in our business, not only in the field of trading, but also in the provision of financial services. Cooperation with us is based on the provision of high-quality services, transparent transactions and high financial growth of investments. Our investors will receive high interest throughout the whole investment period, regardless of the investment plan they’ve chosen.

  • LumiPay Trades has been very successful in the past few years and experienced no particular recessions. Minimal risks allow us to avoid financial drawdown, and the unique business model and detailed market analysis along with modern technologies ensure high financial growth of our company. Our trading methods and the principles that we adhere up till now have always been bringing the company exclusively positive results. We always follow the development of new technologies and apply new measures to maintain a high standard. LumiPay Trades is not just a group of specialists from diverse fields; all of them are connected to one another as a single unit forming a precise mechanism that is capable of solving the most complex tasks in the shortest timespan, finding new methods, and forecasting the most unbelievable situations Business analysts are constantly monitoring the financial market and are in a continuous process of searching for new solutions to improve the efficiency of the entire structure of the company.

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Intergrity Matters

We do understand that the primary concern of all on-line traders is the safety of trading large amounts of money over the Internet. LumiPay Trades treats the customer funds with utmost security and no effort is spared in maintaining the security of customer funds and the integrity of our trading and investing platforms.

Safety of Customer Deposits
Client funds are received in the company’s fiduciary segregated client bank accounts. Every bank we use holds an investment-grade rating and meets stringent additional criteria. LumiPay Trades maintains sufficient liquid capital to cover all client deposits, potential fluctuations in the company’s currency positions and outstanding expenses.
The Company continually identifies, assesses, monitors and controls each type of risk associated with its operations. To avoid any website frauds company ensures 256-bit SSL encryption across the entire website. Account balances are blocked from becoming negative, thus offering further protection to our investors. Withdrawal requests may be submitted at any time and for any reason. but als note that withdrawal of total capital before the turnover period of your investment is over will result in closing of your investing account.

Creating a safe and secure trading environment is in the best interest of all involved and stringent financial protocols ensure that you receive the security you need to invest with confidence.

We pride ourselves in providing the best Forex, crypto and options trading results for investors having a managed account registered and verified under our firm. Trades are meticulously calculated and predicted by our team of professional options, crypto and forex traders from around the world with years of experience and skills using a tested and trusted developed strategy that ensures steady influx of profit to our investors.

We strive to bring the most advanced technology and develop new tools that allow clients invest with confidence and success. In addition to our tools, we also ensure that our customer service is of the highest level.
LumiPay Trades is very pleased to have created the most secure and safe trading environment in the market. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any query related to your funds.

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We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful.

Warren Buffet

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Lumipay Trades is a leading forex, crypto and options investment platform, providing investment access to the global financial market through their powerful algorithm based trading platform and the aid of expert adivsors whose combined experience give crestfield a natural edge in the the ever budding foreign exchange and cryptocurrency markets. Since the company’s inception, Lumipay Trades has been recognised worldwide as a safe and secure Investment machinery, offering highly transparent access to the financial markets.