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    "Helping clients form detailed wealth management plans to meet their goals as well as ongoing client reationship management"

Cryptocurrency, Forex and Options Trading

We offer the best forex and options trading services operating closely with an expert team of analysts for efficient profitability.

Asset & Fund Management

This offer includes the forex, crypto and options market, equity, fixed income, real estate, commodities and international investments that can help diversify your portfolio.

Welcome To LumiPay Trades.

We are a leading investment provider to financial market professionals

LumiPay Trades is a fund management company aimed at making maximum profits for our clients. We know the games brokers play. Being fund managers, we have created this framework of impeccable standards with complete transparency and the latest in trading technology. we are offering everyone interested to use a modern and profitable instrument of online investing. Every client of our company can invest our minimum amount in order to receive regular passive income and this is very easy to do. Our technical strategies cover equity, crypto, forex, commodities and fixed-income markets. Our market depth and knowledge are attributed to our acquired experience on trading floors of many exchanges. With over $5.3 Trillion traded daily in the foreign exchange market and over $200 billion traded in the cryptospace, we are dedicated to giving our clients their own share of the profits regularly.


A wide selection of investment product which include forex, crypto and stock options, to help build diversified portfolio


Powerful trading tools, resources and support

Advisor network

Specialized guidance from independent local advisor for hight-net-worth investors

Many ways to invest, one place to do it.

Crypto Investment

Invest in the right digital platform built to help you achieve your investing goals

Forex & Options Trading

Our target is to provide you with the best profits trading forex CFDs and options with the lowest possible investment risk.

Powerfull Trading Tools

Platform that bring trading power to your fingertips

Work with an advisor

Get professional help building a personalized financial plan

Our Investment Packages


$200 - $999

  • 10% refferal bonus

  • 25% weekly Profit

  • 8 Weeks Turnover

  • Expert Advisors supported

  • 0% deposit bonus


$1000 - $4999

  • 10% refferal bonus

  • 30% Weekly Profit

  • 8 Weeks Turnover

  • Expert Advisors supported

  • 5% deposit bonus


$5000 - $9999

  • 10% refferal bonus

  • 30% weekly Profit

  • 8 Weeks Turnover

  • Expert Advisors supported

  • 10% deposit bonus


$10,000 - $19,999

  • 10% refferal bonus

  • 35% Weekly Profit

  • 8 Weeks Turnover

  • Expert Advisors supported

  • 10% deposit bonus


$20,000 - $50,000

  • 10% refferal bonus

  • 35% WEEKLY

  • 8 Weeks Turnover

  • Expert Advisors supported

  • 15% deposit bonus

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More Insights
Investment Approach

LumiPay Trades employs a highly disciplined investment approach grounded in thorough due diligence. We leverage our forex & crypto trading and financing experience to balance a sharp focus on capital preservation with the delivery of attractive returns.

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Creating an Investment Portfolio

LumiPay Trades targets industries that we believe offer the best private investment opportunities, characterised by high growth, global competitiveness, and the potential for transformational change. Our exclusive access to these opportunities is enhanced by a network of prominent regional shareholders and a blue-chip collection of global institutional partners.

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Deposits & Withdrawals

Making deposits and withdrawals is simple and straight forward and hardly takes up any of your time. We are constantly striving to offer you even more deposit and withdrawal options and to make the process even easier. If you have any queries just contact our Client Support Team.

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Faster, Better and Secured

LumiPay Trades provides the best result for your investments

Over the years, we have developed a reputation for integrity, quality and excellence in portfolio management. we are dedicated to offering unparalleled portfolio management services to a wide range of investors worldwide
Our services make use of the best pricing, execution and liquidity channels in the global financial market; which is pivotal in the fast paced world of finance and investment.

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What Our Clients Say ?

Helping clients form detailed wealth management plans to meet their goals as well as ongoing client relationship management are among the skills LumiPay Trades lends.

I am absolutely pleased and satisfied with this company's service. It is so great to work with a financial adviser who is truly interested in their client's needs, goals and preferences. I am really impressed with their commitment.

Amanda Oakes


your investment advisors are so wonderful and professional, i really trust their expertise

Steven Loris


Having worked with this company for a number of years now. They are constantly moving with the times and taking us with them, You can only admire that.

Scott Simons


it is awesome trading with your platform, simple and profitable, just how i like it, Excellent services and quick withdrawals. Client friendly commissions and superb 24/7 customer care.

Emma Guberman


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